Monday, November 5, 2012

A Chilly Walk With A Little Peanut

Meet Peanut..Our sweet little 3 1/2 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. We got Peanut when she was about 8 weeks old, and she quickly became the center of our little family.  At the risk of sound like "one of those people"...I will say, that she is my baby.  Peanut can make any gloomy day better with a little snuggle, and has brought us a lot of joy.  She joins us on many adventures, from car trips (her least favorite..) to camping trips.

Peanut is snuggling up in her favorite place (our bed of course), warming up after our chilly walk today. It has gotten much colder out in the past few days, but the sun was shining this afternoon so we went for a romp around the neighborhood, gathering some little bits of pretty seeds and berries to bring back home for a small vase...
Meager findings...but rather pretty in their simpleness, don't you think?
 Peanut did;)

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