Wednesday, November 14, 2012


DIY: Napkin Rings

This year, much to my excitement, N and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the members of our family who will be in town (most of my side of the family will be in upstate NY, and we'll join them there the day after). I have begun preparations this week, starting with ideas for our table-scape. Today I am making special little napkin rings...Sad to say, I am not the proud owner of any linen or cloth napkins, so I wanted to dress up our paper dinner napkins a bit..

This project was very inexpensive costing me a grand total of $10,  for 8 pretty homemade napkin rings.

You will need:
Empty paper towel or bath tissue rolls( I used 2)
Decorative card-stock of your choice
Small paper tags with the string attached
Small pine cones(I sprayed mine gold)
Double stick tape
Gold paint and paintbrush
White paint pen
Hot glue craft gun

Using cardboard paper towel rolls, cut 8,  2" pieces. Choose a thick decorative paper,and cut into 3" strips ( I made 8). Using double-stick tape, center cardboard ring on paper strip and wrap the paper around your cardboard rings, leaving a bit of hang-over on either side to hide the cardboard. Take your little tags, and dry brush the edges with gold paint and set to dry. Then, using a white paint marker, write the names of each guest on your tags (I also added a border of little white dots). Using the tags string, tie the tags around your paper rings, and secure the knot in the back with a dab of glue( I used a hot glue gun). Glue your little pine cone where the head of the tag meets the paper ring, and your done!
I am so excited to use these pretty napkin rings on our Thanksgiving table!
 I chose to cover the table in brown craft paper, mostly because I love the look of it, but also because I don't have a "Thanksgiving-ish " table cloth, and the craft paper will protect our wood table top when I spill, which is inevitable;)  I am so excited to have our loved ones here for a wonderful day of food, good spirits and giving thanks (Eek! Cant wait!)...check back to see how I completed our table scape next week!

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  1. Nice! I love the extra touch of framing the plate with a little sunburst on the paper. What lucky guests you have to be treated so well!

    1. Thank you Lune! It was a wonderful evening...Thank you for taking the time to visit, I am truly honored:)


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