Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Days of Gifting

Day 5

"for the home"

 Happy Friday! Gift #5 would be perfect to use on a gloomy dark day like today, rainy Fridays stink...but on the bright side, these handmade candle holders are sure to brighten anyone's day!( gag at the cheesy metaphor? oh well. It's a cornball kinda day.)
 First I went to the Home Depot, to the wood/dowel section and picked up some inexpensive decorative wood finials(might be called balusters? I really need to get on top of my technical terms here) Anyway, I took them home and cut them each in half. I had bought four, so this gave me 4 sets of matching soon-to-be candle holders! 
 After the cut, I drilled large holes about an inch of the way down into the top of each, sanded them all nice and smooth, and began painting!
The lighting was just awful today, but that reddish orange is "Cadmium Red Light", which I love and came out gorgeous after two coats...I also did the slightly ombre bluish teal set (not shown above) After the paint had dried, I went back with some gold paint and, using a Q-Tip, did the dot pattern you see on the finished product! 
I got so excited over the effect of the gold against the cadmium red and also the bluish teal colors...what do you think?(You'll notice I get excited... a lot...over small things. I apologize but that really is how I am. It doesn't take much, and yes I've been teased about it.)

 I think these will make such nice gifts once they're all packaged up as sets and wrapped neatly in little boxes, and I know just who I'm giving each of them to :)

Happy Friday! Rainy or not!


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