Sunday, December 9, 2012

7 Days of Gifting

Day 7!

"little lavender"

Today marks the end of the week of homemade gifts. I'm finishing the segment with lavender candles.  For me, this was the trickiest and I'm still not feeling 100% secure in my candle making abilities( no one was allowed to speak to me during the process, required my full wax, scary, spill-able), but am satisfied with my little lavender candles:)

You will need:
Votive holders, candle molds, or another wax-worthy vessel (I chose these little tin pitchers from Micheal's)
Candle Wax "for molding" (I used a 1lb block and it got me three of the small tin pitchers full, a lot goes a little way here, I discovered)
Wicks "for candle molding"
Lavender buds (I used some from my summer garden that I have hanging, dried, in my kitchen)
Double boiler for melting
  1. Prepare double boiler and break wax into small pieces 2. Follow heating instructions on wax packaging, I heated mine to melting point at 140degs. 3. As soon as wax reaches melting point, stir in the lavender buds(I used a large cocktail toothpick for this step) and carefully pour into molds/holders 4. As the wax sets it will shrink and form a well in the center, if you would like a smooth top, save about a cup of wax to refill tops later 5. Allow to cool for 1 hour or more. 
And thus ends 7 days of homemade gifts! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I now have a whole bunch of gifts that I can't wait to give to friends and family:) Now for the really fun part...wrapping them all!! (This really is my absolute favorite part, I always have a lot of fun wrapping gifts in special ways).

Hope you all had a terrific weekend! (Ps. We got our tree today!!Yay!)

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