Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello and Goodbye

Hello 2013...goodbye 2012. 
As we stood in our living room last night, and watched the ball drop...confetti flying on the television, champagne on our lips and a midnight kiss, I really felt like crying. Happy tears, for new beginnings and a fresh year..and sad tears for the memories of all the bumps in the road this past year. It wasn't the easiest for us, nor for many other people ...we all had our tragedies, some small and some immensely huge...we've cried for ourselves, and for people we'd never met. 
It felt good to close the chapter on the past year...
and say hello to a new beginning, to a fresh year, hopeful for 2013 to be an upswing.

With the creation of Attic Lace several months ago, I have already begun to feel a change...the motivation it gives me to constantly strive for individuality and visual appeal in the creations and projects I enjoy, and the joy I feel at the realization that there are those of you that enjoy what I am attempting. Thank you to my little group of readers, you have given me the drive to keep this going..every comment has meant the world to me. To all of you that take the time during your day to pop in for a visit, I thank you:) I hope that I, along with Attic Lace, will continue to grow and improve, marking a little place in this crazy, beautiful world...
Nothing is ever easy, but if at first you don't succeed, try again...you just, try again.

Happy New Year, may many blessings follow ..

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  1. This is beautiful. Happy New Year!


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