Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Our Living Room

I've been thinking maybe it's time to share a few photos of our home. I thought I'd start with a few peeks at our living room, mainly because it's my favorite room in our little house. The living room is also where we spend most of our time together, and holds most of my favorite little items:)
The bookcase sits opposite the large windows in the first photo. This was an open, or see-through rough book shelf unit that my dad built when he and my mom were just starting out. It was raw wood and the back was open. The shelves ran straight across from top to bottom. Unfortunately I don't have any before photos, but N and I redesigned the unit by creating the opening for our TV, and making the little square cubbies on either side. Beneath the cubbies are two sections of a cedar tree that came down in the yard of our last place:) We also closed off the back of the whole unit and painted it white( we had to leave that awkward space open on the bottom shelf for the heat vent). I love it, it has a great history and even more so now with the little personal additions.
My bridal bouquet sits nestled beside the cedar piece:)
This little "vignette" sits to the left of the bookcase. You can just see the start of the kitchen where our menu board (antique door) from our wedding rests..

Our trusty little Ikea end table...
This was a solid wall when we bought the house, but it was so dark in the room something had to be done (I neeeed natural light..) So N surprised me one weekend by creating this lovely arched "peek-through" window from the kitchen dining area into the living room. What a huge improvement! (See my valentines? Those are the cards that I made here.)
This is another of my favorite Aunt's vintage matchbook collection which she passed along to me. Every once in a while I look through it again, and I just love them all:)
Opposite the peek-through window, on the fourth wall is our beloved fireplace (one of the major selling points for us). It was originally ugly brick, but after much debate, we painted it white. Aside from a few blackened wisps above the opening (magic eraser helps!), I have never regretted the decision. The blanket rack is actually an old window frame that N salvaged for me. Behind it, against the wall is our picnic basket, awaiting green grass and warmer weather.
A framed vintage postcard greets us at the start of the hallway to the other rooms:)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour, I'm always curious what our home looks like to outsiders...its hard to know when you're so familiar with something, when you look at it everyday, isn't it?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your color scheme! Your living room is so beautiful! Makes me want to rearrange ours!

    1. Aw thank you Alyssa!! Your comment really made me smile:) You should! rearranging is so much fun! we do it all the time here just to keep things fresh;)


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