Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Castle: Part 2

(I'm squeaking in at the last second of what's still considered the weekend, with my promise of "part2". Time got away from me today, with various other projects going, so I apologize. Here are the rest of my favorite photos of the Castle. Most of them were taken over the summer '10 when N, my father and the guys were doing an amazingly stunning new roof job. All hand cut slate, with hand crafted copper gutters and details . If you look towards the top you can see the tower, which almost made my heart stop when they had to tackle re-shingling that!) 
 The castle sits at the very top of a mountain, with views of the river that will suck the air right out of you...the wind blows and the quiet swells.The feeling up there is really indescribable and I think it really overtakes most people...the memory nesting in a forever place inside of you. I know it had this effect on me. I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. I still can't.
I'm not going to comment on every photo, because that's not the point. But I will say that the photos begin outside, and then go to the basement where the kitchen, laundry and wash rooms were (you'll see the wash basins, and the beautiful inlay tile floor...). I included a picture of the doorway to the back stairwell that the servants used, and then headed upstairs to the where the family would have slept. Farthest upstairs was where the servants quarters were, and on the other side of the building (I didn't include these photos) are supposed studies (or library rooms) which all spiral up into the tower. I have taken over 100 photos at the Castle, but obviously can't share them all here, so I just chose a few. Many of the rooms have giant fireplaces in them. You'll notice that the bathtubs have been moved around and left in random places. I assume you've gathered that this place is uninhabited...most of the rooms stripped bare or empty.  It is privately owned, but what future there is in store remains a mystery..with only necessary upkeep maintained.

I wonder, do you get a similar feeling just from looking at the photos? 

It's completely overwhelming... 

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  1. So beautiful. Reminds me of a castle we have here in Port Washington, NY. If only we had pretty snow to surround it too!

    1. Isn't it? Whats your castle called? I'd love to look it up!
      Yes twinkly snow would be beautiful:)

  2. I love these photos - so beautiful!


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