Friday, March 15, 2013

Beauty of Blue

There is something really beautiful about pure, simple blue. Hand dyed brilliant blue eggs, colored using Aljo Batik dye. Best for adults only, the pigment permeates everything when it touches water, hence the super saturated hue of the eggs. These eggs will not be for eating;) Decorative only.
I  mixed a pinch of dry pigment with lukewarm water and 3Tbs white vinegar. Just like regular egg dye, the length of time the egg is submerged directly effects the deepness of the color. I used "Royal Blue" and "Turquoise Blue"
Nothing puts me in the mood for Easter more than Cadbury Mini's...heaven in a hard candied shell. (Psst. I THOROUGHLY washed my hands between dying and munching mini eggs)
*Please remember these dyed eggs are no longer edible.
Blue is the most calming color for me...I feel like I breathe deeper when I see such a clean, pure blue. Utterly fresh...

Have you decorated any eggs yet? I like to blow the eggs out so they last...yuck, but worth it;)

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  1. Beautiful! I've never tried that dye before. I love those saturated hues. :)

    1. Thanks! Yea, I had never either, they were verry intense and super messy (I had blue fingers for days;) But the color result is unreal..

  2. My favorite eggs as well the cadbury mini's . -joetdebello


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