Friday, March 8, 2013

The Color of Snow

That's right...more snow. We woke up this morning to over a foot this lovely Friday. I know we're all wayyy over winter and cold, so instead I'm focusing on what's on the inside. Some of the things that caught my eye today... inside. Where it's warm, and dry.
Lace trimmed curtains that have traveled with us from home to plants gathered by the window for a lunchtime light-bath....a sweet glass butter-box engraved with a cow from BlueHill and my thoughtful parents...quilt love in the guestroom....little stones collected by N in the woods at work , traveled home in his pocket...woodwork and sunshine, the reflection of our snow.

Happy Friday to you all, may your weekends be filled with warmth and love...


  1. Beautiful pictures dear! I thought our spring was on its way but its been raining the last week. We had one day lady week of warmth and I was hoping it'll stay but nope. It's cold and miserable!

    It's Mother's Day tomorrow so were off to my parents later today. Have a great weekend! What are you up to?

    Lulu xx

    1. Hi Lulu:) As I read you comment the sun has decided to come out! Today is a much better day, beautiful sunshine! I will send thoughts of it your way;) Happy Mother's day to you all there! (ours is not until May) I hope its a lovely one. We're heading out tonight for a dinner to celebrate my in-laws 35 wedding anniversary!


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