Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easy DIY Seed Labels

I've started my little seeds indoors. We have a raised garden bed in the backyard that we grow veggies in, and I wanted to get a few things sprouting here in the kitchen to be transferred later into the veggie bed (and also a few flowers for the front yard to mix with our perennials). I always need a way to remember which seeds are which container, so this year I made myself some quick, but pretty markers. All you need is some card-stock or matboard, clothes-pins, letter stamps and glue!
How simple is that? The process really doesn't even need an explanation because it's so simple. Now I won't forget what I've planted, and my little seeds can sprout in style;)

(You may notice I'm trying beans...I do realize these are best started right in the ground as they don't like to be transplanted. Its a bit cold here yet, so I'm risking it with the transplantation method;)

Do you have any gardening/growing plans in the making? I get so excited this time of year:)

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  1. I love these. So cute, and I like the idea of them being on clothes pins, since my little stakes always fall over:(



  2. This is a great idea - what a pretty solution!


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