Monday, May 20, 2013

Woven Plate Wall Art

Summer's almost here...and that means lots of fun picnic and outdoor accessories are popping up in stores. Some of my favorites are woven goodies, like the little plate baskets for putting under paper/plastic plates.  I found these super awesome woven plate holders at the local dollar store for $1 ea. and had to have them! Aren't they cool?? 
Too cool to be hidden by paper plates, so I thought how awesome would it be to do an artsy wall installation with them for the summer? All I needed was a bare wall and a few clear thumbtacks!
I literally just positioned the plate where I wanted it on the wall, and then inserted a clear plastic thumb tack through the center and into the wall. So simple!
Sometimes the most inexpensive little things can make the biggest impact! 
What are some of your favorite uses or  restyles for classic summer housewares?

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  1. Great idea. They look great!


  2. Was the dollar store on the East side of the Mississippi River or on the West of the River?


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