Monday, July 8, 2013

Coin Laundry

Every so often, you come across something so special that you can barely contain your excitement. At least, that's the way it is for me. I also have this thing for laundromats...the clean smell, and the hum of the machines. I used to take my books there to study sometimes when I was in school:)
 When I walked into Marshall's Laundromat, time stood still and I caught my breath. It felt like I was taken back about 50years, and I was immediately smiling. The gentleman, who I can only assume is named Marshall, had the most wonderful collection of vintage machines in bright blue. Each machine had a hand-lettered name of its own...Gertie, Bob, Elvis:) Even the signage had a fun nostalgic feel. 
And there you have it:) My most favorite laundromat ever...."Marshall's Laundromat" Main Street Trumansburg, NY .
So much fun:)

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  1. You captured it perfectly!

  2. I used to read at laundromats too, but when I think of them, I almost instinctively get really hot. I've never been to one that wasn't about 800 degrees inside. :)
    This one looks really charming though. I love the blue color of those machines! And the signage is too cute.


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