Friday, July 19, 2013

La Brisa

My favorite new discovery in Montauk...La Brisa. Located in a corner space, surrounded by a circular wall of tall glass on one entire side, La Brisa caught my eye right away (This used to be the old diner in the center of town, I remember eating breakfast here and the transformation was just amazing). Ocean-teal blue, paired closely with a clementine orange, and crisp, crisp white. Strings of yellow lights hung in swags across the ceiling lines and La Brisa's very own Lupita sodas and juices popped up in corners and on shelves.

I was immediately greeted by the restaurant manager who told me the amazing story of restaurant owner Dario Wolos (owner of Tacombi at Fonda Nolita in New York City) who drove his taco truck from Mexico to NYC and set up shop in an old parking garage. Wolos' famous tacos were an instant success along with his specialty salsas and sauces.
La Brisa is a second location in Montauk and, in my opinion, is a home run. The tacos are beyond delicious, as well as the steak, and the unique beverages round off the whole experience...

If you have the chance to try either location, I doubt you'll be disappointed;) *

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(*the opinions and photos  shared above are solely my own, based on my enjoyment of an experience. I was not compensated in any way for this post. Any information shared is based on my personal knowledge.)


  1. This looks super fun. I absolutely love trying new restaurants -- it's probably my favorite hobby! At first I thought you lived in LA (there's a beach called Hermosa) and I was really excited haha.


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