Thursday, August 22, 2013

Me and You: Applique Wall Art

In an effort to make our walls feel a little more personal, I've been trying to find ways of making unique wall art that will feel special to us. I've also been super busy with work lately, as assistant stylist to my sweet friend Meagan Camp. Meagan and I just finished a holiday shoot for Stitch Magazine, and I came home feeling totally inspired by the projects we shot. It really left me in the mood to try out a new sewing technique. So I bring you my first try at applique!
You will need:
-14inch embroidery hoop
-solid color cotton fabric (I chose blue)
-4 different floral handkerchiefs or other printed fabric
-1 Pkg of Heat n Bond

Adhere squares of Heat n Bond to your desired floral fabric (follow instructions on back of package). Stencil letters onto each square. I did an "M", "E", "U", and a heart shape.
Cut out your letters and shapes....
Cut a square of your background fabric so that the edges are larger than the circumference of your hoop. This will make it easier to work with until you trim it down to fit in the last step.
Carefully peel and stick your letters/shapes. I lay the hoop down on top before starting so that I could play with spacing and be sure I got my pieces placed down correctly within the circle of the hoop.

Using the instructions on the back of the Heat n Bond package, iron on your letters/shapes making sure that they have adhered well to the blue fabric. Let cool! 
Now stitch along the edges of your letters/shapes! I used my machine, but this could also be done by hand. If you do not wish to stitch down the letters, I advise using "heavy" Heat n Bond for lasting adhesion.
Now secure your piece inside of the hoop, making sure everything is centered and pulled taut.
Flip your hoop over and carefully, with very sharp scissors, trim the excess fabric neatly along the back edge of the hoop. Get as close as you can so that the edge is not visible from the front.
How easy was that?? I was very pleased with my first applique attempt, and can't wait to try something else now that I know I can do it!! 
(Can you tell I'm still in a romantic mood from our anniversary this week? AND those are still the handkerchiefs from our wedding tables! (We had sooo many left which is awesome) So that makes this that much more personal.)

*Check out what else I was up to this past weekend with Meagan by visiting her lovely blog Meagan Camp where you can read about how to style a unique dorm room!! I had a blast helping her set up a "room" in the middle of New York City. You may even notice a couple of my things up on the bulletin boards in a few of the photos.




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