Monday, May 5, 2014


Last year I participated for the first time in Candidly Clyde's Springtime Swap. I shared how much I enjoyed the whole process, choosing little springtime things for my partner and then receiving a lovely package from someone else. I was thrilled when Dawn reached out about the 2014 Swap! This year we were partnered up so that I got to send a package to the woman who was sending one to me, which was great! 
I received my beautiful package today and it made my day!! My partner Sacha sent (in the coolest reusable springy envelope) all sorts of spring/summer goodies. 
The best part of the whole package are the super sweet bandannas she MADE for Miss Peanut and June Bug. I am so touched that she read through my blog and got to know a little bit about who I am, and that our dogs are such a huge part of our lives. She also incorporated our love of camping/picnicking into the theme (how cute are the ants on the red checks on the reverse side of June Bug's bandanna??). 
The fact that these are handmade really touched my heart. BIG smiles. I immediately put them on our girls and they fit perfectly, sliding right over their collars in the neatest way. Then, for their patience in modelling them for my photographs, they each had one of the delicious treats that Sacha included. Lastly, I can't wait to try the awesome wine stopper/pourer that was also packed in there!
Once again, such a positive experience being a part of this lovely new tradition. It's so nice to meet someone new, do a little detective work to find out what they are into and what they may like, and to then trade goodies (I hope Sacha enjoys her package as well!).

A wonderful way to start the week!



  1. I participated in this swap too, and it really was a lot of fun! I love what Sacha put together. Those bandanas are so stinkin cute!!

    1. That's awesome Grey!! I hope you got a lovely package as well, so much fun!!

  2. These are fantastic! Sacha had hinted to me that she wanted to make you something, but I had no idea. I'm so glad that the pups get to enjoy the present, too! :) They look nice and decked out. The ant fabric is probably my favorite. Thanks again so much for participating! I hope you'll join in on the ornament swap later this year!

    1. I just love them Dawn:) So incredibly sweet. Always a pleasure and I'll definitely look forward to the ornament swap again! XO


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