Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fair Weekend

Sometimes weekends just turn out perfectly, especially when the sun is shining and there are goodies involved.  Last year I spoke a bit about my first time attending the Country Living Fair , and what an amazing time I had. I had spent the weekend working one of the booths with a friend . This year I went with my mom, as a shopper, and it was so great! Such a fun event and we had perfect weather to boot.

A perfect day all around. There were so many beautiful things so see and everyone was in good spirits. It was great to see some of my favorite booths and vendors again this year along with a lot of new ones. I found a great french linen table runner for 6 bucks (!!) and my Mom treated me to 8 yards of mint condition ticking fabric. I have so many ideas for what to do with it! So exciting.

Do you have a favorite summer event or fair? 


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  1. I love those clips and those wheelies of fabric! What a fun day it looks like!


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