Saturday, March 7, 2015

4 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring

Obviously we're all starting to get a little antsy for spring.  One thing I start to notice when I've had enough of winter is that I start to crave pops of color around the house, a need for a bit of freshness.  If you're like me, and you're looking for ways to bring some color, warmth, and spring into your home, here are 4 quick and easy ways to do it!

No.1 flowers
The first and most obvious way to bring in a little cheer is with flowers! Having flowers around the house doesn't have to break the bank.  Being selective in the floral section of your local supermarket, or springing for few nicer stems at the florist would do just fine.  Making several small arrangements and scattering them in different rooms of the house is an easy way to get more bang for your buck as well. Place them on end tables, atop bureaus and tucked into bookshelves...

No. 2 Scents & Soaps
One of my other favorite ways to chase away winter blues is with scents & soaps. I love hand soaps and candles that have light floral fragrances, especially when the container itself has a bit of color to it too! Scents like geranium,basil and privet are light refreshing smells that remind us of spring and summer.  These cheer me up every time I wash my hands, or walk past a candle and catch the fragrance. 

No.3 Pillows
Throw pillows are my go to vehicle for introducing pattern and color mainly because  they are so interchangeable!  I'm a bit fickle with prints so I love that when I tire of certain pattern I can simple change the cover or swap it out for a different one.  Around this time of year I put the hues of winter into storage and bring out our cheerier couch pillows.  What a difference a strong splash of color makes!

No.4 Wall Art
Nothing screams personality like colorful wall art and when you already have a few frames laying around, swapping images out for bright swatches of fabric or homemade paintings can be the quickest way to add some oomph.  Have child use bright colored paints to create a special piece of art or visit your local fabric store or paperie to pick up some bright bold patterns!

Making small changes around our home never fails to raise my spirits and remind me that spring is indeed on its way!



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