Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Table Set

I know I'm crazy, setting the table the day before...But I wanted to get everything just right, and didn't want to be rushing around tomorrow laying the place settings. 
There's my nifty new owl pitcher, and the birdie salt n pepper shakers are from the tables at our wedding.  
I also decided to do the strips of brown paper (instead of covering the whole table) because we will be 8 people at a 6 person table, and I thought sectioning off each persons plate would make it feel a little more organized, personal-space wise...(I'm missing 4 chairs in the photos, I know, waiting on N to come home to help me get the spares from the attic...)

I'm pretty pleased with my low budget table-scape;) what do you think?

To see how I made my napkin rings, click here

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