Thursday, November 15, 2012



George and Dolly

Meet George and Dolly...Our two very sweet cockatiels:)
If you aren't familiar with cockatiels, let me tell you, they are very smart...They can't exactly talk the way parrots and larger birds can, but they can mimic sounds very well and sometimes even a manage few words.  

George is our old man:) He was N's bird when we met, and he has had him for 18 years...George can brush his teeth (makes a very convincing swishing noise), He loves the song "happy birthday", especially when you whistle it to him;) He can make the sound of car alarms, the Nextel "bleep" and loves to ask "what are you doing?". He has a real thing for toothpicks, loves to play with them, and is an excellent kiss giver..making the little peck noise when he kisses:) George loves orange juice A LOT , and will tap on the edge of your glass for a sip...He also loves spaghetti..earning him the nickname "Spaghetti George". He cant be left alone in my craft room because he loves all things tiny and shiny, and makes a huge mess of sewing pins, beads, jewelry findings etc. (Its happened too often)...but seriously, how can I be mad at a face like that??
Miss Dolly...We got Dolly 4 years ago. We thought George would like having another bird in the house, so N took me to the pet store and we chose Dolly for my birthday...Dolly immediately fell in love with George..she constantly tries to woo him with kissy noises and little songs (he's not having it) Only occasionally, when no ones looking, will we catch George in Dolly's cage;) (sneaky guy, not fooling anyone) Dolly is a bit of a spaz, and by that I mean charmingly dopey..she hops when she walks and cant really fly, but she's sweet and loves having her head massaged. If I ignore her on my shoulder, she'll steal my earrings right out of my ear (Verry annoying), But she's beautiful and sweet, and I love her...
Our guys are a huge part of our little family, they watch TV with us, hang on the couch and follow us around from room to room like a dog would, I'm not kidding.  Birds aren't for everyone, but to us they are amazing, loving, and loyal pets...and I cant imagine our lives without them;)

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  1. Great pictures, George and Dolly are just to cute.



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