Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Little Red Hats

 OK...I waited as long as I possibly could.  I haven't started decorating the house yet, and was trying to hold off until December 1st to start festivities and crafts.  But...Today it snowed, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back;) 
(Can you blame me??)
And so begins the Christmas season...with little red hats and tiny gnomes. My Mom's side of the family is Scandinavian, so we're big on red and white in our family, and we have a soft spot for Christmas gnomes...
 I made a little army of the friendly fellas today, using red and white sculpy clay. Then I baked them, and used them in three different ways...(These may be gifts...or maybe not. I really can't say;)

I chose the three largest as dangly ornaments, pushing long silver eye-pins down into the soft clay before I put them to bake. Then used a little red string for hanging when they were baked and cooled.
 These guys, I left freestanding 'cause they were just so darn cute...(Check back this week to see how to make the little red mushrooms! Tutorial compliments of my Mama)
 The Ornament was the trickiest...I found these awesome clear Christmas balls at the craft store for a dollar, but they required tiny fingers and tweezers to get anything in through the small opening at the the top (a few un-christmas-spirit- like words used here) but I finally got it! I secured everything inside with little drops of hot glue.

And so it has begun!!! I'm sure I'm the billionth person to say "this is my all time favorite season of the year!" , but it is... and I'm pretty excited to be sharing it with all of you this year:) 

Have you started decorating yet?? 

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  1. There is nothing I don't like about this! So cute!


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