Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 Days of Gifting

Day 2

"for her"

Pretty vintage baubles and a bottle of wine anyone? I thought maybe.. ;) 
Here's my spin on DIY wine bottle stoppers, the perfect gift for "her". I can think of several ladies in my life that would appreciate something like this, and with them in mind I made three unique little corks... (Actually I made a lot more than 3 because this was super fun and once I did the first one I got totally carried away , but I'm only gonna share my favorites here)
The possibilities are really endless here, I've seen these done with pretty geode rocks (squeal!), crystal drawer pulls, little plastic animals etc. but I stuck with simple wooden drawer pulls and vintage jewelry for mine (ok fine I snuck one clear acrylic "crystal-looking" drawer pull in also, halfway through the process)

You will need:
  • Wine bottle corks(I actually used the rubbery kind because they were shorter in length)
  •  Pretty buttons, earrings, or brooches
  • Drawer pulls with hardware (I got mine for 97cents-2.50$ at Home Depot)
  • A few metallic Buttons(I used the kind that are metallic with a little plastic insert, the kind with the stitch loop underneath, and I popped the plastic button part out leaving me with a disc with a centered hole in it *see photo above)
  • Hand held drill, with drill bit (size should match your drawer-pull hardware size) and screw bit
I first took my wooden drawer pulls and massaged them with a bit of olive oil, rubbing them down with a dry cloth afterwards, and then letting them sit. This gave them a bit of a natural stain and a soft feel. Then I collected: a small coral flower stud earring, a pretty little button, and a beautiful green and blue brooch. I removed all "hardware" from the backs of the jewelry so they sat flat, and then glued them onto the tops of my drawer knobs and let dry.  
 NOW: 1. Drill a hole, completely centered (this was a little tricky I wont lie) up through the middle of your cork. 2.  Using your drill bit, begin screwing the screw up into the cork from the underneath side, until just the tip is visible at the top. 3. Align your drawer pull and other decorative elements centered on the top, and continue screwing up from the bottom with the screw, while holding tight to your elements until you feel enough tension that you know everything is secured on tightly (don't make the screw too tight here because as it retracts up into the bottom of the cork it will increase the diameter of the cork, pushing the bottom sides out if screwed too far in.. which will make in difficult to insert into a bottle later;) Aaand, your done! Beautiful, unique wine stoppers you wont even want to give away!(Trust me, its gonna be hard for me to part with these babies)
This was a really enjoyable project for me and I cant stop thinking of new ideas for toppers! I'm so excited to wrap these up to surprise some of my favorite ladies this Christmas:)

What would you use on the tops of your corks? Trust me once you start, you wont be able to stop with the ideas;)


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  1. I love these! I have a huge collection of new corks with lots of writing on them, can't wait to get busy on them!

    Thank you so much for the ideas!!


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