Thursday, December 6, 2012

7 Days of Gifting

Day 4

"for a special little girl"

Happy gifting day four! This is by far my favorite gift project, can you tell? Not only was it totally fun to do, but it's also for a 9yr old that is very close to my heart:) My niece is awesome, shes adorable and smart, and very artistic.  She and I have had many good times the past few years drawing, sewing etc. She loooves my craft room and we've spoken several times about why she has to wait until she's grown up to have a whole room devoted to crafts (my favorite statement went like this: "wellll... if I just take all of my toys and stuff out of my room and put them in the LIVING ROOM!! Then I could make my room into a craft room!!!!" brilliant ;) Anyhow, I really wanted to make her something special this year and so I present "the mobile craft cart"...

It started like this:
Then this:
And ended like this!
Obviously the fun part was stocking it...I had such a blast finding tiny containers and mini craft supplies to put in here! Did you know Marshals Dept. Store often has Martha Stewart craft products for like 1/3 of the price!? aand I discovered our local dollar store has a whole craft aisle too! (first time going in there since we moved here and lookout! I cant believe I haven't been going there the whole time! excellent resource...) I couldn't decide what I was more excited about, the tiny pink stapler I found, or the mini, clear, snap-lid boxes there on the top row...

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