Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cranberry Hazelnut Chocolate Bark

 Baking here has begun, one of my favorite parts of the holidays, the edible yummies to give to family, friends and neighbors..Today I tried something new to add to my traditional cookie platters, a white and milk chocolate bark with delicious dried cranberries and hazelnuts! It was very simple and the finished product is very delish;)

You Will Need:
Milk chocolate chips(2 bags)
White chocolate chips (2 bags)
2 cups dried cranberries
1.5 cups of chopped hazelnuts
Baking sheet with a lip around the edges
Tin foil

  Start with the milk chocolate, melting one bag at a time (I microwave 1min, stir, then 30secs, stir, and usually one more 30secs and its ready. Doing this at short intervals prevents burning) Pour melted chocolate onto a 1/2inch deep cookie sheet lined with tin foil and spread into a thin layer to cover the bottom of a pan (I used a soft cake spatula for this) Carefully place this into the freezer to set, and repeat melting process with the white chocolate. When the milk chocolate has set, repeat the spread on top with the white chocolate. You may notice that half of my sheet is swirled white and dark chocolate because I was stupidly working on my stove top while the oven was on (cookies baking, that's what I get for multitasking) and so as I was spreading the second half of my white chocolate, the dark underneath had begun to soften (moron!) So instead of freaking out I just swirled it in! Looks intentional, no? While the top white layer is still soft sprinkle on your berries and nuts, gently pressing them in with a flat spatula.
  Return the sheet to the freezer and allow to set for about 15-20 minutes. When the whole thing is hardened, start crackin'! Just grab a hold of corners and edges and begin cracking the chocolate into random uneven pieces, taking care to remove all foil ( It should just pop right off!) Tip for cleanup: Place used spoons, bowls, spatulas, etc. into the freezer and a few minutes later the frozen chocolate will crack right off. Makes for easier washing.
I packaged half my batch into medium sized mason jars, and the other half I bagged into clear treat bags!  This was such a simple task, and makes such a delicious treat, the tartness of the cranberries adds something really wonderful to the sweet chocolate. I'm not a huge dried cranberry person, but I can't stop eating this stuff:)

Happy sweet weekend

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  1. This looks pretty exciting! I'm not sure I'd have enough will power to make it and not eat it all!

    1. haha:) see, the key here make enough that there's extra for personal snacking;)
      Thanks Helen:)


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