Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Spin on a Pin": North-Pole Cupcakes

For Christmas day, my contribution will be dessert. I had seen some adorable "north pole" cupcakes on Pinterest last week, and thought they'd be a fun thing to bring for dessert! I couldn't find the original pin, so I just gave it my best shot from memory.  I was a little bummed that I couldn't find straws with a twisty stripe, more pepperminty, but that's OK.

You Will Need:

Red striped plastic straws (cut into halves)
White card stock
Small round coated candies (pole toppers, M&M's are a good one)
Double-stick tape
1. Bake and ice cupcakes 2. Using white card-stock, cut 1inch x 4inch strips and letter the words on using a fine tip pen or marker. Cut your straws in half once, and using double-stick tape, wrap north pole paper strip around each straw about 1/4inch down from the top. Trim edge of paper into a v-arrow shape. 3. Using a dab of icing, top your straw pole with a rounded hard candy( I had these little blue round candies in my stash, but I think the one on Pinterest used red M&M's) 4. Stick the pole securely down into the cupcake and let all icing set! ( I chose to sprinkle my cupcakes with pearly white sprinkles, but its up to you!)

I hope everyone enjoys them! These would also be a fun thing to leave out for Santa, I feel like he would appreciate the tribute to his homeland;)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! It's almost Christmas!!

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