Monday, December 10, 2012

Trip to the Tree Farm

Yay! we finally got our tree:) granted its sitting in a bucket outside(have to wait a few days after cutting it so it doesn't go into shock in the house), but its here! N and I went yesterday with his side of the family to a tree farm upstate. We had gone 2years ago and really enjoyed it so we returned. It was a lovely afternoon, and after choosing just the right one (had to be just so skinny as to fit in our tiny living room, but just so full as for N to be pleased), we all enjoyed some tailgate hot chocolate, compliments of my mother in law who is so awesome that she not only had a huge hot thermos of the stuff, but whipped cream and marshmallows to top it;)

 The sweet smiling little lady in the first photo is my niece, who I introduced in the "Craft Cart" post earlier this week:) Also above is my photo debut here on Attic Lace ( if you haven't picked up on it yet, I despise photos of myself...get over it, right? Trying.) That's me on the right in the plaid and the lovely lady by my side is best friend and sister in-law:)(The little pink blur beneath us is my niece's little thumb, photo-bombing;)

I absolutely cannot wait to get that tree inside and decorated! The smell of it alone makes me so happy...

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  1. This looks like gorgeous fun! The tree looks so bushy and perfect!

    :) Hazel

  2. Thanks Hazel! :) It was so much fun!
    Lets hope it's not so bushy that it doesn't fit the living room, fingers crossed!


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