Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Tea Bag Valentine

It's almost February, and I'm already in the mood for Valentine's Day...for pink and red:) Today I made some little tags to add to tea bag strings, for a cute little parcel to send to a special someone.

You Will Need:
Red & pink card-stock
Tea bags (flavor of your choice;)
Black marking pen
Double-stick tape
1. Cut 6 small circles (about 1" wide) out of pink card-stock (I used my circle puncher here) and 3 small red hearts out of red paper. 2. Using double-stick tape, adhere your circles back to back over the existing tea tag ( I trimmed the original tag so the corners wouldn't stick out), and then stick your heart on. 
I made a little envelope for mine by drawing a small 2.5 x 3.5 square with half-circles on all four sides, scoring and folding the edges around the square and gluing the left/right/and bottom half-circle flaps together (leaving the top flap open for access). Then I decorated the front of my little envelope:)
You could customize these any way you like, and I think they'd make a very cute little valentine for your favorite tea drinker;)

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  1. How awesome! We were obviously on the same level. Love that we both thought of "you warm my heart". Not only that but you were also planning on mailing them off! Cheers!


    1. So awesome!:) I know! I couldn't believe when I clicked your post on bloglovin and saw all the similarities! Hey, great minds think alike;)
      I wish I'd thought of painting my nails as festively and prettily as you did (instead of my plain ol' weirdo fingernail;)
      Thanks for coming by to visit!

  2. Love this idea!!


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