Thursday, February 7, 2013

Felt Bunny Valentine DIY

Happy Thursday! (I've got yellow on my mind can you tell? possible winter blues..) I've also been thinking about other fun alternatives to candy for Valentine's Day. I think this little bunny is a fun way to say I love you:) Also, I'm a sucker for pockets..especially tiny ones.

You Will Need:
Red and white craft felt
Embroidery thread and needle ( I chose light pink)
A bit of stuffing/fill
Small square of thick paper and a pen
1. Cut out both sides of your bunny. 2. Cut one small pocket square, and a small red heart. 3. First sew the heart onto the pocket square, then the pocket square (with heart) onto the front piece of your bunny, leaving the top of the pocket square open. 4. Sew a little face onto your bunny (you could even draw it on if you'd like) and stitch both sides together, leaving an opening for stuffing. 5. After your bunny is stuffed and stitched closed, write your tiny love note and insert it into the little pocket:)
So simple, but really sweet I think:) A smile-worthy alternative to candy...

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