Saturday, February 2, 2013

Podunk: The Cottage

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, I'm back home today after a short, but sweet, trip upstate  for my Grandma 's big art show opening ( see Grandma's studio here). I drove up yesterday with my best friend C, and we had a really great ladies-only overnight :) It was her first time coming up and I was really excited to show her around. I took her out to Podunk (remember when I introduced Podunk here ?) before we went to the gallery for the opening. The cottage is a little red barn that was my grandfather's cross country ski shop, and after he passed away my parents turned it into a cozy retreat.
It's an ongoing project, but has already had its floors redone, a beautiful  kitchen put in, a new gray/green all-stone bathroom built, and received a curvaceous new staircase to the loft style second floor. 

All of the furnishings and decor are either family heirlooms (many from Finland), or locally bought from Finger Lakes artisans. All the renovation work was done by my father and his crew, with help from uncle who spends most of the year in the cottage keeping the grounds.
This little place holds a lot of memories for us all. For my brother and me, memories of trying on ski's as kids when it was Grandpa's shop, and now of roaring fires in the big fireplace during winter visits...and in the summer, of the barbecue going outside with the green fields surrounding us, and bonfires at night. From the coat rack in the corner topped with my Grandpa's old hat, to the sea shell mobile hanging in the corner that my parents made on their first date..I love everything:)
The creek that runs through the back fields...

We had such a great little trip, my Grandma's art show was phenomenal, and C and I even picked up some leather scrap goodies at a local shop which I hope to share soon via new projects! 

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