Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Flower Crown

I'm seeing floral crowns and headbands everywhere, and they bring back fond memories of the flower crowns my mama used to make for me, and the pretty ones she'd buy for me at the renaissance fair in the summer...
Today I made my own just for fun, here's how I did it:
I used an old wire hanger and (carefully!) cut and bent it into a circle to fit the crown of my head. I wrapped the whole thing in floral tape, covering any sharp ends. I trimmed the leaves and stems off my blooms, leaving only a few inches of stem on each for twisting. I started towards the front, twisting the stems of my blooms around my frame and covering each with sections of floral tape. When I had used up all of my large blooms I went back in with some smaller tidbits and some hot glue and filled any gaps. As you can see I underestimated the number of flowers I would need about it doesn't bother me that they only go 3/4 of the way around. I simply covered the back of the empty frame with some pretty lace ribbon (securing it behind the last bloom on each side with a knot) and tying it in a sweet little bow to finish off the back. 
Have you ever made, or worn one of these? 
I've seen so many girls pulling them off with great outfits, in photos of them out and about...I'd be a little nervous wearing this as an everyday accessory in public I think, but it's still fun to have;)

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  1. If anyone could pull off such a sweet high fashion look, you could, Sarah!

  2. I love it! this is how i did my crown too!


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