Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Tin-Can Arrangement

Yesterday I went to my favorite flower shop (this is actually the florist that did our wedding flowers;) to pick up a thank-you bouquet for my Aunt. They had such a gorgeous selection of things, that I couldn't help getting few extra stems, of what I chose for the bouquet, to bring home with me. Here's a fun little alternative to mason jars, if your looking for something quick and easy, with a rustic feel. I took a can from the recycle bin, and removed the label. Then, using a little painter's tape and acrylic paint, I made two thick blue stripes around my tin can.
The stems I chose at the florist, from the left are: light salmon pink Hypericum Berry Flowers, pale blue Eryngium Culzean, and some pale pink Wax Flowers that had a hint of purple to them. I also threw in a stem of a skinny dark, leafy green (not sure of the name here). I arranged them very loosely in my tin can, once the painted stripes had dried.
Sometimes small arrangements make me feel just as happy as large, extravagant ones:)

What have you used to hold small flower arrangements? Sometimes I also like to use one of my pretty vintage tins (See how I did that here.)

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