Monday, March 11, 2013

Sometimes I find that I own something, and I just don't like it. When this happens, I like to try and turn it into something I DO like! I do this a lot with clothing, but today I tried it on an old teapot. Here's what I did...
I started by giving the old teapot a light scuff with some fine grit sandpaper. Then I gave it two coats of white paint. I used regular acrylic paint because this will be a decorative piece, not for contact with food or beverage. While my teapot paint dried, I used sculpey to make some white floral blooms and some little green leaves. I also gathered a few fake vintage berries and flower centers that I had in my stash. I popped the sculpey leaves and flowers in the oven to bake, and went back to the teapot. Since the white coats were dry, I began painting my little baby blue scallops on and added the little dot pattern with the end of my brush. I left the golden knob on the pot lid alone, because the gold was so pretty and shiny:) When the leaves and flowers were baked and cooled, I hit them with a little two-toning, dry brushing light coats of pink and green accordingly.
When everything was good and dry, I hot glued my flowers, leaves, and berries onto my teapot! I considered giving the whole thing a coat of clear gloss finishing spray, but I kind of like the matte finish with just the super glossy gold knob on the lid:)
Now I love the teapot:) Simple as that....

I love the teapot the way it is, but I could also see using it as a vase for big spring blooms, couldn't you?

Please Note: An item like this is no longer suitable for contact with with food and drink. It is for decorative purposes only;)

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  1. Wow you completely transformed it! Yes, I think it would look great as a vase for big blooms too. :)

    1. I will definitely be trying the flowers in the spring:) xo

  2. love the idea of using it for flowers too! so pretty! I love the clean white. Great job making the flowers too!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! I've been practicing those flowers with both fondant (for cakes) and sculpey!They feel very similar to me;)

  3. Ho wow, it looks so cute now!


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