Monday, April 22, 2013

Bedroom Re-Style

N and I finally got around to giving our bedroom the update we've been dreaming of (well mostly me..he dreams of cars and boy things;). Below is a before photo from our first year here. I had since painted the walls blue but didn't have any pics..
When we first moved in we bought the headboard and platform bed (with drawers to make up for tiny closets). The set up took up so much floor space, the whole room felt very tight and cramped. We recently re-homed the headboard to a friend, and I'm loving the extra breathing room it gives us. The whole project started with a fresh coat of Behr "Natural Grey". We are HUGE fans of this color, having also used it in our living room.
I tried to tie all of the elements of the room into this wooden Nantucket sign that is very special to us..we picked it up as a giant souvenir from a flea market on our honeymoon:) Using the sign as a starting point, I wanted a really soothing and fresh, but still cozy, vibe to the room. We went with linen curtains, a cream shag-rug and pale blues and greys in the accents. There are a few pops of color here and there, in the lamp and some wall art. The dark wood tones of the bed frame and night tables help to anchor the whole thing, I think. The other very special things are the Mine and Your's hand embroidered pillow cases that were passed along to me by my mom on our wedding day..they used to belong to my Grandmother:) Ok..enough chatter!
I'm just so pleased with how everything came out. Sometimes being on a tight budget can really put a damper on things, but if you are a savvy shopper and know how to be patient and shop the right stores, you can find things that really work. The little gold trinket holder on my nightstand was $2.00 at target, I paid 1/4 of the original price for the duvet cover, and another great find was the $16 giant blanket basket!! Oh! and do you recognize the DIY Linens there on the night stands? :)
The pups are feelin' the whole scruffy rug thing, can you tell? ( and yes that's a sock Bugs chewing..she's the ultimate sock thief.)
I had great fun with this re-do and look forward to snuggling down in here every night:)
Happy Monday!

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  1. OMG This came out beautiful. I wish I had the time to redo our master. The color palette is fab!


    1. Thanks Lesli!! It was so much fun. It took us forever to get to doing it..for some reason its always the last room to get attention:( But so worth it in the end!!

  2. This looks great! I just love that sign. Honeymoon finds are just so special! :)

  3. Sarah, looks wonderful... should get you to help us! I also loved seeing pieces of former projects in the room. Such a fresh almost beach- like feel to it, it's great. Also, loved your animation on

    1. I'd love to anytime Mikki!!
      Thank you! It's so important to me to be actually to really use the final products of the DIY projects I do, otherwise things tend to pile up! HA:)
      Thanks so much for viewing the video!! Will hopefully be sharing that here soon. What an interesting learning experience that was, so much fun!

  4. I really love your bedroom Sarah! It looks so fresh and clean but also comfy and cozy at the same time. Well done!


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