Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Confessions of a Photo-holic
I have a confession to make...when I first started this blog, all of my photos were taken using my Android phone. I have always been very impressed by the quality of the photo it takes, and nothing was easier than tapping the screen to focus.  I adore taking photos, snapping away wherever we go. But I knew I could only go so far with my trusty cellphone photos, so the big exciting day came when I'd saved up enough money (N helped a bit here too;) to go and purchase a real camera. I bought my very first Nikon D3100, and have not looked back. 
My second confession is that since the day I brought it home, I haven't taken it off of "Automatic". After reading, and getting totally inspired by, this Achieving Shallow Depth of Field post on The Golden Adventures Of A Very Dark Horse (part of the Photography Tips with Rosa-May series), I decided it was time to start practicing.  So I clicked the switch from "A" to "M", took my camera out into the yard today with the dogs, and worked on capturing them (and the laundry line ;) using a shallow depth of field.
 As promised, the first step of switching from automatic to manual wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. It took me a few extra minutes to set the photo up and snap, but I'm sure over time as I become more comfy, I will get faster with this.
How did I do?? 

I hope your having a lovely week so far!
Ps. You may also notice my first "button" in my sidebar!! Click to visit Epic Dreamer, a site that is very close to my heart;) More to come on this soon!!

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