Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Lace Bleached Denim

The other day my mom and I had some fun playing with lace, bleach, and our old jeans! 
We started with some old lace curtains and doilies (the thicker the better, we discovered). We cut out interesting patches of pattern, and soaked the pieces in Clorox bleach.
Then, after wringing the lace pieces out until they were just damp (this is very important because leaving the material too wet will cause the excess of beach to bleed out into the denim, ruining the integrity of the lace print), we lay them on the denim and gently pressed down. Then we let the lace sit on the denim for between 15 minutes and a half an hour in some spots. Obviously the longer you leave it on, the whiter the pattern will get.
When you are satisfied that the process has completed to your liking, thoroughly rinse your lace (it will be nice and crispy white now! Save it for the next project!) and your denim in either 3 parts water/1 part white vinegar or in warm water and dish soap. Then launder your denim in a (separate from other items) normal wash cycle in the washing machine.
This was a really fun project:) These are my mama's jeans (hers came out a bit better than mine did, sigh). I can't wait to try this again on other types of material...or jean shorts! How cute would that be!?
It's great to give old clothing new life in a unique way..remember the bleach print leggings I made over the winter using a bleach pen ? So much fun!
(psst...its almost Friday!;)

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  1. So beautiful<3

  2. Awesome. They're perfect for this years mix of bohemian fashion.


  3. Perfect to wear to the Eagles concert at Bethel Woods this summer!


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