Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Tassel Jewelry

I've been seeing a lot of little tassels around lately, I've always loved the shape and feel of them. Here's a really simple way to make your own little tassel necklace!
I used 5 different colored unopened embroidery threads, scissors, nippers, and needle-nose pliers. I also used thin gold chain, 5 small gold jewelry hoops, and 5 tiny gold loops, as well as a lobster closure and extra loop for closure.
Take your package of embroidery thread and push a med gold hoop through all of the threads looped at the end of the package, before closing the medium hoop, slip a small gold hoop onto it (this small one will be used to attach your little tassel to the chain in the last step.)
About 1/2" down from the top, tie  loose piece of thread tightly around to create your tassel's "head". Double knot, and smooth the loose ends down into the bunch.
Then about an inch or so down from your gathered/knotted area cut loose your tassel from the rest of the embroidery thread.
Repeat the above steps with all of your colors until you have a desired amount of tassels.
Now spread out your chain, pre-cut to desired length, and lay out your tassels evenly.
Attach the tassels to the chain by squeezing your tiny gold hoops closed around a chain link. Obviously, your hoop should go through one chain link so that it stays put upon hanging, and so that all of your tassels don't slide down to the center of your chain (unless you want them all clustered at the bottom, pendant style, which might look cool too!).
Now just attach your closures, I chose a lobster closure, to the ends of your chain and you're done!
Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. How cute! I love tassels on anything




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