Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dollar Store Basket ReStyle

Every time I go to the dollar store, I stand in the aisle with that's packed to the gills with hundreds of colored plastic bins, baskets, and containers. All of the colors stacked together floor to ceiling kinda make my heart beat faster;) I don't really know why..cheapo plastic? hmm. I secretly love this aisle, and I think it's because I could think of  million and one uses for all of the different sizes and shapes!
 I'm also always looking for inexpensive and fun containers to hold all of my important craft supplies, yarn, paper, mail etc.
I picked up a medium sized white plastic basket today, and here's how I restyled it to hold some yarn in my craft room:
I got together some yarn, scraps of fabric, ribbon etc. Stuff I had laying around here, left over from projects and stuff...
I cut four strands of my first material about the length of my spread eagle arms. Then I wrapped one end of my strand group in tape to make a neat little "needle" for weaving...
Then I took the opposite end of my strands and tied them in a close knot to one of the baskets bars, and began to weave in and out...
As I wove, I pushed the yarn down so it sat nice and tight along the bottom. This will ensure that my finished look won't have any gaps or air holes, and will look nice and neat. When I had made it all the way around to where I had started, I tied a second knot, and trimmed the excess. 
Then I began my next color and row (*Starting all my rows/knots in the same spot so I ended up with a neat "spine " of knots on the back of my basket, and not random knots all over the place). I also made sure to alternate my weave, if the first row went "over then under", then my next row went "under then over", so that I was creating a nice basket weave effect.
I just kept adding rows of different strips and lengths of material, until I reached the top and my basket was done!
Now I have a cute new basket to keep my extra stuff in!! And it only cost me $1.29:)
Are you as obsessed with containers as I am?? I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one...
Happy Thursday!!

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  1. I have to say only you would think of this! Looks great.


  2. Oh my gosh! This is brilliant - the color possibilities are endless

    1. Ah! I know! I want to do some big monochromatic ones also!!
      So much fun:)

  3. What a lovely idea!! So cute.


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