Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Adventures

The other day I mentioned that I had added my first button to my side bar here on Attic Lace!  See the little smiley boy there on your right? :) Well if you click on it, you'll be taken to my Papa's new website Epic Dreamer!
This has been a very exciting year because my Pop has had his first children's book published, and I had the honor of doing the Illustrations for him. This was really special for me because the story is based on his experiences as a little boy, which he had recounted to my brother and I as a favorite bedtime story when we were little. It is sweet, and funny...and, true to my Pop's character, has a happy ending;)
We also worked together on our first ever stop-motion video called Angelie's Dream. In this short little film Angelie dreams that the dollies and toys atop her bureau  come alive and ...I won't tell you the rest, you'll have to pop over and see for yourself! It took many hours in our Guest Room taking hundreds of photos and also creating the silhouette of the little boy/Title graphically to layer into the photos afterwards. My father then did all the editing, timing, and putting the photos to the music etc. It was a big team effort and finally watching the finished product was really something else:) 
The Image above was the last and final step, a watercolor I did for my Pop.

(Also the little doll in the back is one of a handmade series of little ladies that I made, and is now for sale at A Bushel and A Peck! The "main character" , little Clementine on the left in the above image is going to stay with us here for now;)
I do hope you'll stop in to Epic Dreamer sometime!

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  1. Congrats on your first button...
    I checked out his website, the book is adorable, and what an honor to do the illustrations! Your very talented!


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