Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cute Clothespins: 3 Ways!

I use clothespins all over the place here. I use them for important notes on our fridge, I use them on gifts, as clips to keep chip bags closed, and of course on my clothes line when the weather's nice and things are hanging to dry!
Here are 3 easy ways to dress them up:

Look #1: "Ribboned"
You will need: Sticky Dot tape (or thin double sided tape), thin ribbon, and scissors. 
Gather materials, apply adhesive, trim excess, carefully press on ribbon, and trim to any excess ribbon!

Look #2: "Wrapped"
You will need: Sticky Dot tape, 3 colors of yarn or string, and scissors.
Gather materials, apply 1/2" of adhesive all the way around one leg of clothespin. Neatly wrap yarn around sticky area, hiding both starting and stopping ends of yarn on the inside, out of sight!

Look #3: "Pom pom-ed!"
You will Need: # colors of acrylic paint, paintbrush, Sticky Dot tape, 3 colored pom poms.
Gather materials, paint just the face of each clothespin using your 3 colors and allow to dry. Place a small section of adhesive about 1/2" of the way down your clothespin. Press each pom pom down onto the adhesive!

Piece of cake!!
Do you use a lot of clothes pins? There are so many cute ways to make them special!
Happy Thursday!

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