Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Doily Throne

About two weeks ago I got a pic text from my Aunt. It was a picture of a chair she had found,out for the trash, and she was asking if I wanted it. Of course the answer was YES....pleeease:) It needed some lovin' and I couldn't wait to get started. After many hours I had a chair that I LOVE, and that is nice and clean for bringing into the house:)
Here's what I did:
Here's what she looked like when I got her home. Someone had spray painted random blotches of a green (maybe gold?) paint all over, and the upholstery HAD to come off...ASAP.
THREE layers of upholstery later....I ripped the last, suuuper gross layer of material off. Then I put the seat to the side for later.
I gave it a good sanding, and then dry brushed on some fresh yellow paint. I liked the original creamy/buttery hue and so I used the same shade again. I went in with a very light hand and used a dry rag to wipe off any excess, I wanted it to still have a worn/old look to it.
Now for the cushion!
I made sure all of the old rusty staples and tacks were pulled out of the bottom of the seat and thrown away.
The I took some thick, plain white, fabric and used a heavy duty staple gun to attach it to THREE sides of the bottom of the seat.
Then I used some extra batting I had on hand and stuffed the seat under my fabric. I made sure to push it down into all the corners. When it was nice and full, I took hold of my last open side and stretched it nice and tight, stapling it down on the back.
I stitched three large hankies onto my new seat (stapling where they overlapped the back).
The last step for my seat was overlaying some doilies from my collection and haphazardly stitching them on using fun colored embroidery thread:) I wanted the seat to have a very hand-done quirky feel, ya know?
I had one lonely little doily snippet left, so I attached it onto the back of my chair:) This ended up being my favorite part in the end!
Now we have a really unique new chair, which I have aptly named "The Doily Throne"

Have you tackled any furniture restyles lately!?
Happy Friday Eve!!



  1. This is a great idea for all the hankies I come across at flea markets. That chair is a great find! Especially curb side:)

  2. Are you the queen of your castle?


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