Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glimpses around our home...

Our home is always changing...I sort of have a thing about rearranging our things all the time. Not in an annoying way, just switching up little things or swapping out seasonal stuff (OK, maybe the occasional furniture move...).
 It keeps things feeling fresh, you know? I'm a visual person, and sometimes I get bored with stuff. I like to like what I'm looking at when I look around...Does that make sense? That said, I also like to snap photos here and there before the moment has passed or something gets moved. Here are a few from the past couple of months around here...

If you saw my last post you may have noticed that the Fun Money Piggy Bank has been moved... replaced by our new Mini paper quilt and a tiny bird's nest Nick found on the ground and brought to me. The colorful knit blanket on the couch kind of migrates around the house, sometimes in the guestroom or we take it in the camper with us:) Half of the fun of having your very own space is fussing and fluffing when you feel like it, isn't it?

Do any of you do this too? Say yes.. ;)

Ps. Check out my recent interview with the lovely Gina from Vessel Collective !
Big thanks to Gina for sharing a bit of my story!



  1. oh, I'm in love. That's an amazing home, it looks so cosy and personal!

    We had a bird like that when I was a toddler. I loved watching him flying through the kitchen and walking over my Nutella toast :D

    Lots of love!

    1. hahaha o Maria:) They do sometimes walk on your food! They are such funny pets, we have two;)
      Thanks for the sweet comment XO

  2. I love that lace dreamcatcher!!! Your home is so lovely :)

    <3 dani

  3. <3 dreamcatcher:) I love your place, so much of your personality really shines through.


    1. Thanks Lesli;) Sometimes I feel like it such a mishmosh of stuff ...but that's kinda me too lol Xo!

  4. Great interview on VESSEL, Sarah!

  5. Love these photos! Your home is so lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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