Thursday, September 12, 2013

Make a Dollhouse in a Box!

I don't often do projects for kids or with kids in mind, because we don't have any (yet!) and so it feels a little silly to do so. We all have a little "kid" in us though, and mine comes out around anything miniature- especially if it involves tiny dollhouses or things of the like. After reading about this Dollhouse Suitcase, I just couldn't keep it inside anymore and had to try a tiny little version myself.

Here's how to make a little tiny dollhouse in a box!
You will need:
-1 small latched wooden box (found at the local craft store)
-Permanent marker or paint pen
-Several different patterns of scrapbook paper
-A few miniature accessories (I chose a little wooden hutch -$1!!- , a tiny rocking horse, miniature deer,etc)
-Mod Podge
Start by decorating the outside of your "house" with a permanent marker or paint pen. If you have a child, this could be a really fun step to do together.

Now cut decorative paper to fit all of the areas you'd like to cover. I chose back wallpaper and then used a wood grain paper for the tiny floors. I had some paper left over from the serving trays this past week, remember?

I also added a fake window using a cloud print paper and scraps of "wood" from my floors. Make curtains by accordion folding strips of patterned paper and gluing in. Add any decorative ribbon trim to curtains here.
Attach any furniture now. I added the little $1 hutch that I found at the craft store, sticking some extra scraps of my paper in behind the shelves as well.
Now for the fun part! Add your little miniatures and extras:) Even tiny things like thimbles and beads etc. can be glued in as pretend items. I had a few tiny things lying around here that I added in as well. I also painted a little wooden plaque to make a tiny fake chalkboard.

Now your done! Not including the few little things I added in at the end, like the tiny flower pot and the watering can, this project only cost $10.00!! It was really fun using scraps and left overs that I had laying around here as well.

 The best part is almost everything is attached, so once you tuck the chalkboard and the rocking horse inside (yes it all fits!), you can close the latch and stow it away or take it traveling with you!
This little house puts a big smile on my face:) How can you not love teeny tiny things?? Maybe I will find a little girl who will enjoy this little house, or perhaps I'll save it for a future daughter of our own. Either way this was a lot of fun!



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  2. You are so talented! I love coming over and checking out all your projects:) Leilani

  3. This is so adorable. I would have loved something like this as a kid.

  4. This is so darling...I bet a little girl would just love this!


  5. Oh. My. Goodness. This is so adorable, Sarah! I also love anything miniature, and I gush over handmade dollhouses all the time. We also don't have kids, but I don't think that will stop me either. I think I have to make one of these! :)

    1. haha Thanks Mary:)) I'm glad I'm not the only one:)So glad you like! Xo



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