Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Make Winter Stationary

Hand decorating paper is a really easy way to create stationary with a personal and unique feel. Since I'm in a snowy mood, after our first little snowfall, I thought it would be sweet to make some snowflake themed note sets! Really simple and totally sweet, here's how easy it is:

You will need:
-Plain envelope & note-card set (or make your won from a good weight cardstock)
-White stamp pad
-Letter stamps: "S,N,O, &W"
-Plain cotton Q-tips
The steps are so simple. Start by dotting your Q-tip into the white stamp pad, and pressing gently (in a free and loose pattern) along the edges of your paper. When the dots have dried  go back in and stamp the word snow with your letters stamps in a blank space. Repeat process on each piece of the set. Allow to dry and send to a friend!
I love how simple yet pretty these turned out. I might even make some gift tags using the same technique!

Happy stamping!



  1. This is so cute and easy! Definitely including it on this week's favorite links round-up. I just love DIY stationary.

  2. Simple, clean and elegant!


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