Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Pebble Update

Remember these guys? Well I thought it would be fun to share a little update, as I've had some really fun responses to them in recent months. If you read my original Project Pebble post, you'll remember that I started painting these little rocks and adding my site address in hopes of getting the word out about Attic Lace. My family, friends, and I started leaving them places for people to find! The rocks themselves always disappear quickly, but lately I have actually had some people reach out to tell me where they've found them which has been really, really cool.

I received this email from a lovely lady after out trip to Cape Cod this summer:

"Hi! I was recently on vacation in Eastham when I saw a woman drive out of a gas station and her purse (which she mistakenly left on the roof of her car) fell in to the middle of busy Route 6!  I eventually tracked her down using, of all things, her AAA card that was in the wallet (along with her Colorado driver's license, hotel room key, and a lot of money!)
Anyway, we agreed to meet at one of the shops on Route 6 that sells t-shirts, inflatable beach toys, etc.  While I was waiting for her, I found a rock with "lace" painted on it and the name of your BlogSpot.  I didn't take the rock, thinking someone left it and would be back, although I wish I had because it was so pretty!
Anyway, the vacationer was reunited with her purse and I stumbled upon your website so we both were lucky! - Marybeth

This is one of my favorites for sure, it really made me smile, thanks Marybeth!!
This photo came from our friends Pete and Marilyn in Virginia! They kindly placed a rock for me on one of their awesome hikes up into the mountains. what a view, huh? Thanks guys!!
I also received the following comments after leaving some rocks on one of our camping trips:

"Soooo, I just happen to work where you went camping and we found two of those gorgeous stones you painted with the lace pattern. Are there anymore hidden treasures? If so it will be fun to see if we can find more. Glad you enjoyed your camping trip...it's a gorgeous campground if I say so myself and an excellent place to work!"

"I am the caretaker at Wilson. As you just heard, we found the second lace stone today on the trail to the lower pond. They are just beautiful. Give us a hint if there are more and we'll hunt em' up. Glad you visited us again and that you enjoy our beautiful park so much. -Lisa"

I absolutely loved getting these responses, it has made the whole thing that much more fun. Thanks to all those that have been helping me with the project and to those that have shared their little story!

I'll be continuing this project into the new year so keep your eyes open and please share if you find one!


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