Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make this Leather Glasses Case

With sunshine marked on our calendar (can't wait for our trip!), I thought it would be fun to make a special little case for my sunnys! It was very simple to do, and now my glasses will be snuggled safe as we travel.
You will need:
-A large scrap of thin leather in a sold color (black shown above)
-Small 3" circle of thin leather
-Extra scrap of colored leather 
-Xacto knife or scissors
-Gold paint pen
-Sewing machine (or needle and thread with thimble)

Start by cutting all of your pieces:
-Large 7" x 7" square of solid colored leather (Measure glasses to make sure this will fit!)
-1"x 6" strip of material
-3" in diameter circle
-Small 3" strip of colored leather
Draw small gold circles onto the colored pieces and allow to dry.
On the upper left side of your black square (about 2.5 to 3" down from the top edge) make two 1" vertical incisions into the leather, 1 1/8th of an inch apart from each other. Slide your small polka-dot strip into the incisions with the ends on the reverse side of your leather.
Stitch the 1"x6" black strip onto the bottom end of your polka-dot circle. The strip should flap freely except where it is stitched on at the base.
Now take the whole thing to the sewing machine. Stitch a length of 1" along the sides of the incisions (by your small polka-dot strap) on the left. Then stitch the bottom half of your polka-dot circle onto the top right edge of your material (It will look like a smile on the bottom of the circle).
Lastly, fold the whole thing in half (right side out) and stitch the bottom and left side closed (make sure you leave the top open to slide the glasses in!. 
That's it!
Your black strip is your closure and should slide in and out of the "latch" easily. 
Tada! Happy Sunnys.


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