Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day Doily Envelope

The end of the week marks the end of January, and that means February is right around the corner. I don't know about you guys, but for me February stands for Valentine's Day. There is nothing more fun, or more special, than homemade Valentines. I love all things "lacy paper" and often incorporate doilies into my valentines. Here's a really easy way to make a sweet envelope for holding messages and love notes.
You will need:
-1 large paper doily
-1 strip of floral paper
-1 sheet of red card-stock
-Floral magazine tear-outs
-Heart stamp and white stamp pad.
-Mod podge or glue stick

Cut out floral patterns and flowers from your magazine tear-outs and glue them flat to the narrow strip of floral paper. Create a random pattern, mixing colors and shapes.

Trim the excess magazine edges off, leaving a clean line on either side of the strip. Back with a strip of red card stock (glue between layers), slightly wider than your floral "collage" strip. If desired, give the edges a scalloped trim.
Cut out stamped heart and set aside.

Crease your doily on all four sides. I used the solid white are in the center as my guide and folded where the lace started. Fold the left and right side in, and then the top and bottom flaps down on top.

Fold your decorative strip up and over the left and ride sides from behind. Crease and let the ends meet in the center. Seal with a little glue and your stamped heart.
Sweet. I love how unique this is,  a special envelope for your Valentine.


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