Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple Lavender Sachet

It's almost time to "swap closets". Time to put away wintery layers and hang up little summery pieces. I always like to have a few sweet smelling closet sachets on hand to pack into my sweaters for storage and to hang on the hangers of my freshly hung things to rid them of that stuffy "stored-away" scent. I've mentioned before how much I love lavender so naturally this is my scent of choice. Here's a simple and inexpensive way to make a bunch of fresh sachets for the season change.
You will need:
-Plain white cardstock
-Dried lavender 
-Needle and thread
-Thick pin
-Cardboard scrap and scrap of ribbon
Take your 8.5 x 11 sheet pf paper and cut in half longways (this will make 2 sachets). Fold your half....in half. Trim left and right edges with decorative scissors.
Insert a piece of scrap cardboard under the top flap of paper. Write a word on a scrap of paper (to pin-prick onto the top face of your sachet). I chose "Love".
Prick your pin through both layers of paper all the way along the lines of your word. When you're done, remove the scrap paper and you will be left with a pin-pricked word! Remove the cardboard from underneath.

Stitch the left and right sides closed, leaving the top open. Fill with the dried lavender, removed from their stems. Stitch the top closed (Sew in a bow with a loop, as you go along the top, for hanging)

This was a pretty simple project and the whole process smells amazing. I've already hung a few in my closet.

Are you as excited for spring as I am?



  1. I never thought of using cardstock. I love the pinprick technique,too! Happy First Day of Spring tomorrow!!


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