Monday, June 16, 2014

A Meal for My Father

Father's Day turned out to be a most gorgeous day this year.  The day before was a bit cloudy and cool but since that was the day we had decided to celebrate my father, we managed to have a pleasant dinner outside anyway ... just the four of us, my mother and father, Nick and myself.  I had a wonderful time shopping for special foods and treats in the afternoon and preparing everything in our kitchen.  We had an early dinner of steamed mussels with pasta and fresh panzanella. 

The farm stand down the road promised fresh local strawberries for sale Saturday and when I went to pick them up I was not disappointed. We had them for dessert with homemade whipped cream.
My dad is a pretty special guy and it was great to be able to cook for him and to sit around the table together.  Nick made a fire in the fire-pit to keep us warm while we sat. At his feet, Miss Bug supervised the stoking of this fire.
The sun even made a small appearance just as it was going down.  I hope those of you that celebrate had a wonderful Father's Day as well.



  1. it looks a lovely dinner and a great way to celebrate Father's Day!

  2. What a wonderful dinner. Sounds like you had a great time! :)

  3. Wish you'd do a recipe post for the panzanella salad. It is my favorite, and I'd love to make it.
    Your blue and white table setting is so pretty!


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