Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Thrifts

I've found some super thrifty items this week, total (including a pair of silly shorts not shown here...) four bucks.  I scored these two sweet, sweet aprons and that amazing crochet trivet.  One of the aprons, the red and white is for my mom...for her Scandinavian cottage upstate. A "Portugal" embroidered apron for a Scandi cottage. I hope she likes it. The yellow and orange apron, I think I may keep. For a dollar, it had to come home.  The pockets are the cutest shape.
The triangular trivet is incredible, I found it at the bottom of a scrap fabric bin in the back room of the shop for (are your ready?) fifty-cents.  
Whoever made it did a fantastic job. Each little circle is a metal bottle-cap, backed with rounds of cork, with the crochet work done over each one. The final touch must have been linking them all together.  I love the unique shape of it, just incredible.
The cheapest thrifty-finds are the best kind...Happy, happy summer.



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