Monday, July 14, 2014

Black Caps

They say good fences make good neighbors...but sometimes a neighbor's fence makes for good berry picking! Our neighbors had a pretty hardy wild blackberry bush growing along the corner of their fence and when it became clear that they had no intention of picking them, I gently asked if they'd mind if I did.  I think they thought this was a tiny bit funny and gave me the go-ahead.  I came home with this perfect little container of the wild berries that we call "black caps".  After a gentle,thorough washing they were ready for baking into a simple tart.  Just a nice round of simple pie dough, topped with the fresh berries and lightly folded in around the edges-then baked at 350 for about 40mins.
Picking wild berries is a favorite summer activity of father taught us at a young age which berries are safe to eat (this is very important!!) and along with my mom, my dad, sometimes my brother, or a friend we'd spend an hour or so picking the fruit.  Fingers stained and little baskets full, we'd eat them plain or baked into a pie.  Always perfect.  It has been so exciting to see the bushes popping up here now, in our new home.


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