Monday, July 28, 2014


Everyone's been a bit under the weather around here lately, including myself.  A round of summer colds. That didn't stop me from clipping a few perfect wildflowers to mix in with some red Echinacea blooms from our garden.  The white Queen Anne's Lace has always been one of my favorites with its intricate teeny tiny details.  The wild Burdock, with its velcro heads, is a strong sturdy addition to an arrangement.  It holds the more spindley wildflowers up in a nice, natural way...
I started with the Burdock, then added the Queen Anne's Lace at varying heights, ending with the three bright Echinacea flowers stuck in at random...
I just love the way the bright Echinacea pops against the delicate Queen Anne's Lace.  I didn't use any green filler leaves because I wanted the details of each flowers to be able to breathe.
I didn't get the irony of the Echinacea flowers and our colds here until I sat down to write this...perhaps its immune boosting powers can be absorbed through the appreciation of its beauty? Wink wink.

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